Here are the questions I get everyday...

How do I plug this in? What is my wifi password? Who am I supposed to call? What is the best way to setup a... computer, camera, phone, wifi, etc? What cable(s) do I need for XXX?

Well you have come to the right place!

So what happens when you call a big retail store and request their @home technology services?

.....a non-referred contact for someone you don't know and a whopping $1000+ bill!

So that is where I come in... a referable contact, always the same person and a valuable service

All Consultations are Free!

The @home visit will include a easy to read full audit including vendor contacts, passwords, hardware information and any additional relevant information per your request... this will provide you with one "Go To Document" for all your technology information making it easier in the time of need!

Technology setups include Phones, Cable Modem, Wireless Modem, Camera Systems, Tablets, Cell Phones, TVs, Gaming Systems, Alexa/Google Devices,etc ( basically anything that connects to your internet connection)

Services do not include physical mounting of hardware or wall construction, security systems, wire running, etc. Any PC Repair can be discussed as needed but is not included in this service, including but not limited to Windows PC troubleshooting, Antivirus review, data backups and other standard computer services.

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to meeting with you and your family!