The internet can be a big and wonderful place to learn new ideas, research for school assignments, communicate with teachers, friends and family and play fun games....

But the internet world also comes with a ton of risks. These risks can include Cyberbullying, Innapropriate Content, Online Predators and many more unfamiliar areas of content. Using apps and websites for kids to interact without control can lead down a dark path. Predators seek out information such as personal pictures, addresses, phone numbers, live chat and phone conversations and other harmful tools.

Parents should understand what their children are doing online and educate them on best practices. They should know all their logins, email accounts, passwords, internet traffic and social connections including media and game content.

Talk to your kids and use tools to protect them so you both can be sufficient in understanding the ever changing technology.

Parents should be aware of what their kids see and hear on the Internet, who they meet, and what they share about themselves. Talk with your kids, use tools to protect them, and keep an eye on their activities.

What’s included

The Circle Home Plus device connects with your Wi-Fi router to manage every device on your home network.

Use the Circle App to operate Circle and manage connected devices everywhere.

Basic features

Filter, Time Limits, Off Time

Premium features

Usage, Pause, Rewards, History, Bedtime, Location